Anti corrosion paint-protection

Based in Le Havre, our subsidiary BC SPIR makes its teams and facilities available to carry out surface treatment and industrial coating work :

  • Sand/grit jet-blasting, Sponge-jet abrasive blasting
  • chemical stripping
  • UHP stripping and cutting (Ultra High Pressure at 3,000 bar)
  • application of industrial coatings (intumescent, resins, heat-sensitive, etc.)
  • application of special coatings (road, food, decontaminant, etc.)

It performs work in its workshops or on-site for many business sectors :

  • petrochemicals (hydrocarbon storage, racks, plant shutdowns, etc.)
  • industry (chassis, pumps, side feeds, stirrers, pipework, etc.)
  • port and river facilities (dams, locks, pontoons, etc.)
  • electricity power stations (steel frames, buildings, access, etc.)
  • sports and leisure facilities (stadiums, pools, halls, etc.)
  • infrastructure and civil engineering works (bridges, footbridges, toll stations, etc.)

We work throughout France.