Anti corrosion paint-protection

Complementary business

Bringing additional skills to our trades to cover complete project needs and provide our customers turnkey solutions.

Under separate contract lots or as the General Contractor, we can propose an appropriate, tailor-made bid.

Anti corrosion paint-protection

Based in Le Havre, our subsidiary BC SPIR makes its teams and facilities available to carry out surface treatment and industrial coating work :

  • Sand/grit jet-blasting, Sponge-jet abrasive blasting
  • chemical stripping
  • UHP stripping and cutting (Ultra High Pressure at 3,000 bar)
  • application of industrial coatings (intumescent, resins, heat-sensitive, etc.)
  • application of special coatings (road, food, decontaminant, etc.)

It performs work in its workshops or on-site for many business sectors :

  • petrochemicals (hydrocarbon storage, racks, plant shutdowns, etc.)
  • industry (chassis, pumps, side feeds, stirrers, pipework, etc.)
  • port and river facilities (dams, locks, pontoons, etc.)
  • electricity power stations (steel frames, buildings, access, etc.)
  • sports and leisure facilities (stadiums, pools, halls, etc.)
  • infrastructure and civil engineering works (bridges, footbridges, toll stations, etc.)

We work throughout France.

Our achievements : Anti corrosion paint-protection

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ATELIERS BC SPIR – Décapage/nettoyage

ATELIERS BC SPIR – Cabine de peinture



Raffinerie TOTAL de Normandie (76)

Cité du cinéma – SAINT DENIS (93)

Palais des sports Le Prado – BOURGES (18)

Tribune C Rolland Garros – PARIS (75)