Transport of exceptional loads

Complementary business

Bringing additional skills to our trades to cover complete project needs and provide our customers turnkey solutions.

Under separate contract lots or as the General Contractor, we can propose an appropriate, tailor-made bid.

Transport of exceptional loads

The BAUDIN CHATEAUNEUF group’s subsidiary STEX has developed its own transport facilities for many business sectors throughout Europe:

  • Wind turbine
  • Industrial
  • Civil engineering
  • Steel frame
  • Port and river facilities…

With our technical resources and vehicle fleet, we can transport loads up to 150 tonnes, 7 m wide and 60 m long.

  • Straight deck
  • Semi-extra-low
  • Modular axles
  • Cherry-picker
  • Wind turbine stand, etc.

Our achievements : Transport of exceptional loads

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Transport de poutres de 45m – Salle omnisport – PESSAC (33)

Transport de poutres de 50m

Passerelle Coeur d’ORLY

Remorque à 3 extensions pour transport éolien

Transport de silo

Transport de poutres métalliques

Transport de pâles d’éoliennes

Transport de citerne

Transport de caisson de pont métallique

Transport d’une charpente lamellée à Val-Thorens (73)

Transport d’éoliennes pour le parc éolien de Saint-Nicolas-des-Biefs (03)

Transport d’une porte-écluse

LGV SEA – Transport des caissons pour l’Estacade de la Folie à Migné-Auxances (86)

Convois – St Nicolas des Biefs