Electricity-Automation-Home automation

BAUDIN CHATEAUNEUF, french leader in steel and mechanical construction, is now a well known player in France and abroad, in the design and installation of automated electrical facilities for mobile equipment manufactured in its premises (moving bridges, locks, special works, …).

Aware of the environmental issues and the constant evolution of habits, the group has also become an integrator of innovating technologies for industry as well as for smart building, ready to services, ….

Control of equipment, home and property security, accidental risk prevention, and many other sectors that require multidisciplinary  technical expertise.

Our Nantes-based division specialises in the following areas :

  • Electric installations high & low tension
  • Automation and control
  • LED light programmable implementation 
  • Building Management System
  • Air and water treatment
  • Industrial IT
  • Safety of people and property
  • Energy efficiency
  • Smart building

Our building expertise places us as a key contact for complex, innovative projects related to a safety or security issue.

Our skills : Engineering, support, site acceptance/validation testing, advice and appraisal