Offering ‘Made in France’ excellence to promote the regions and build lasting and trusting relationships with our foreign partners.

Still driven by our dynamic to diversify, we want to increase our international presence by exporting all our expertise and technical capability globally.

Our Export unit is responsible for communicating all our skills and products internationally, in line with our values and our ethical and environmental commitments, thus opening our 30 construction and civil engineering trades to the world.

We offer all foreign partners our contractual and technical expertise in designing and carrying out their most complex projects, whether for export to nearby or far-flung countries.


Our achievements : Bridges

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Pont sur la Sanaga CAMEROUN

Pont sur le Noun- CAMEROUN

Sauts de mouton – REPUBLIQUE DU CONGO

Bowstring – TUNIS

Rénovation du pont Trang Tien à Hue – VIETNAM

Rénovation du pont de Brickaville – MADAGASCAR

Pont tropique – LIBERIA

Pont suspendu de La Kamoro – MADAGASCAR

Pont sur la Mambéré à Bania – REPUBLIQUE CENTRAFRICAINE


Pont d’Anjilajila sur le Mananjary – MADAGASCAR