Equipment for civil engineering structures

Civil engineering

Building, developing and maintaining our country

We can take on any type of project, whether for public or private contracts, whether designing, constructing or implementing new-builds or renovations, and find the best approach to offer our customers the best response.

Equipment for civil engineering structures

We offer a complete range of equipment that draws on our expertise in constructing and renovating modern structures :

  • Structural cables
  • Offshore cables
  • Road and pavement joints
  • Bearing devices for roads or rail tracks

Our teams carry out all kinds of special work and operations to relocate large structures to meet your needs :

  • Shifting
  • Rigging
  • Push-launching
  • Pre-stressing

Our achievements : Equipment for civil engineering structures

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Opération de ripage

Opération de précontrainte

Joints de chaussée

Vérin sur ancrages de câble

Remplacement des joints de chaussée sur voussoirs – Viaduc A29 – ROGERVILLE (76)

Joints JH50

Viaduc autoroutier A40 – PONCIN (01)

Viaduc du Siboulet RN90 – AIGUEBLANCHE (73)


Pont Neuf – SENS (89)