Renovation for property development

This new activity relies on the group synergies, its technical, financial and humans ressources and on skills in studies and works for heavy renovation of buildings. Our teams evaluate as soon as possible the feasability of a property programme of renovation for existing building, and consider every induced constraints. After consulting every stakeholder, we execute the property programme, and make sure of : 

  • Designing a renovation programme in respect of the energy, thermic, acoustic and environmental requirements. 
  • Interfacing with every partner and stakeholder
  • Managing the project until its delivery and after
  • Following the administrative / legal / financial issues accordingly to the costs and delays
  • Arranging financing and financial guarantees
  • Bespoke support for our customers all along the acquisition of the property.

Our division dedicated to renovation for property development, can answer any operation of refurbishment as well as to property projects of first-time buyers, resident owners, and investors (tax exemption systems Denormandie  and Malraux).