Nuclear /Energy infrastructures


Designing, constructing and renovating unique, complex and sustainable structures.

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Nuclear /Energy infrastructures

Baudin Chateauneuf has built machine rooms in many nuclear power stations and uses this experience to work in nuclear power plants and to protect, strengthen and safeguard energy-producing infrastructures or sensitive and potentially hazardous areas (machine rooms, special protection for areas with strong ionising radiation, etc.).

We also work at chemical and petrochemical sites to extend, modify and strengthen metal structures supporting production processes.

Our highly technical capabilities enable us to respond to unusual challenges such as :

– Transporting very large loads
– Earthquake reinforcement
– Protection from extreme winds
– Explosion resistance, etc.

Our teams continually monitor technological advances and adapt their methods to achieve the best outcomes.

Our achievements : Nuclear /Energy infrastructures

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Centre d’études CEA – CADARACHE (13)

Poste fer de secours au Dépôt Pétrolier – FOS (13)

Structure métallique pour boite froide du vapocraqueur – Raffinerie de Lyondell basell – BERRE L’ETANG (13)

Unité chlore/soude Arkema – FOS SUR MER (13)

Terminal méthanier – FROS CAVAOU (13)

Salle des commandes de l’EPR – FLAMANVILLE (50)

Projet réacteurs HCK – LAVERA (13)

Nacelle mobile – Site nucléaire de Marcoule – Unité de fabrication MELOX – CHUSCLAN (30)


Centrale thermique EDF – CORDEMAIS (44)

Centrale thermique EDF – BOUCHAIN (59)