Industrial / logistics infrastructures


Designing, constructing and renovating unique, complex and sustainable structures.

We can take on any type of project, whether for public or private contracts, whether designing, constructing or implementing new-builds or renovations, and find the best approach to offer our customers the best response



Industrial / logistics infrastructures

Baudin Chateauneuf understands the importance of profitability and functionality for industrial production and so designs and constructs buildings with the greatest possible flexibility. Our full technical expertise in completing complex industrial structures means we can work in different environments :

    • Aeronautic
    • Iron and steel
    • Logistics
    • National Defense…


  • We can handle any technical constraint requiring thorough and precise design: high roof clearance, wide roof spans to reduce pillars, structures with high load capacity.

Our achievements : Industrial / logistics infrastructures

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Terminal 2B et bâtiment de liaison BD – ADP ROISSY

Rénovation Gare de péage – EPRUNES (77)

Charpente et passerelles SNCF – ARGENTEUIL (95)

Chaufferie – REIMS (51)


Centre excellence SAFRAN – COMMERCY (55)

Bâtiment gros porteurs AIA – CLERMONT FERRAND (63)

Usine de production de la SMART – HAMBACH (57)

Pôle logistique à Villabé (91)

Plateforme logistique de Caudalie – SAINT JEAN DE BRAYE (45)

Centre logistique hospitalier à Troyes (10)

Bâtiment Veolia – VULAINES (77)