Bridge Concept

A patented modular bridge construction system

As part of our export development, our engineering department has developed an optimized solution for roads contracts with breach to access. This industrialized bridge concept is optimized for the transport, the simplest solution to implement and developed to hold up under the highest climatic conditions. Every single part is produced, pre-mounted through the conveyor belt, benefiting strict quality controls, and then galvanized.

The simplest solution to implement

  • Automatic torque
  • No single piece more than 1,5 t
  • Simple installation supervised by our technicians

More resistant

  • Patented assemblies without play and more performant on galvanized surfaces
  • Structural attachment for better allocating braking efforts
  • No welding seams on sites (bolt pretension)

More flexible

  • No clearance limit
  • When assembled, various solutions for implement depending on the land and on the availability of products
  • Many adaptations are possible depending specific constraints

The highest quality standards

  • Respect to European and American codes of calculation
  • Manufacture in France according to very stringent quality criteria
  • Structural steels with a very high strength
  • The high-quality materials carefully chosen for our performance, quality and durability

A budget controlled

  • Every simple piece fits in a container 40’
  • Cost optimization depending on the volume of an order.
  • Support possible for the financing