Climatic, electrical, energy efficiency engineering


We are efficient and responsive, making all our skills and technical know-how available to you 24/7.

Spread over several sites in the region, our teams of technicians and advisers can be involved in mechanical, electrical and hydraulic maintenance operations throughout France. It may be preventive, corrective or routine maintenance, as well as complete or partial renovation of existing equipmen.

Climatic, electrical, energy efficiency engineering

As a specialist in energy efficiency and building energy management, the group makes the skills and technical capability of our maintenance staff available to you 24/7

We rely on new information and communication technologies and we’re acquiring innovative tools to maximise transparency and optimise overall costs while ensuring users’ well-being (temperature, humidity, water quality, health risks, etc.).


  • Home automation-BMS
  • Vidéo protection-Access control
  • Climate-electrical engineering
  • Energy efficiency
  • Special works


  • Fault audit
  • Real-time remote control and monitoring
  • Work scheduling
  • Energy management
  • 24/7 facility monitoring of energy performance

Our achievements : Climatic, electrical, energy efficiency engineering

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